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We are a U.K based company and have been making/ designing real cut vinyl decals for over 20 years.

Sorry, we dont have phone paying facilities, we found answering the phone all day delayed us in making your order.


All our decals are designed for you personally as per your order details and t&cs.

we dont sell off the shelf, they are designed and cut out of 5 to 7 year outdoor uv grade real gloss vinyl.

they will come with clear application tape on top, which you peel off when they are fitted.

there's no colour or clear background, just the actual image shown in black in the pictures..

They can be clear coated / lacquered over if our fitting instructions are followed.

May not stick to matt or satin surfaces.


Take advantage of buying in bulk! 

pay only one postage fee for any amount of rim tapes or decals!

only £1.49p first class delivery in the UK, or FROM £3.49 NON UK for any amount of rim tapes or decals ordered!!!

Accessories and gifts may have extra shipping charge due to size and weight etc...


Currrently, you will receive a 

***NEW*** 5% discount for orders over £15, 10% discount over £30, and 20% discount over £60.